Wisp is a ghost that comes to town beetween midnight and 4am. He will annoy the player until they find him, and he asks them to fetch all of his ghosts friends with the player's net. Then he will give the player a special gift.

In Animal Crossing: City FolkEdit

Wisp reappears with a similar role, though he is now a genie.

In Welcome AmiiboEdit

Wisp reappears with the Welcome Amiibo update for New Leaf. You find his lamp late at night and use it to scan amiibo cards and figures to unlock new RV's and villagers. Wisp will turn into the character you scan and you can ask him to:

  • camp out in your town (only if they are a figure, Welcome Amiibo card, or Sanrio card)
  • move in to your town (only if they are a series 1-4 card)
  • give you a gift (any item not in your catalog)

Also, if you ask them to move in, if you have ten villagers already you can pick one to kick out.

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