Able Sisters
Able sisters





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Mable and Sable




Able Sisters Model

Able Sisters is a place that you can find in your town. A group of tailors named Mable and Sable work there. You can make your own designs in that shop for you and the critters and your town to wear as clothes, hats, carpet, wallpaper, sign boards, and even umbrellas.
The Able Sisters

The Able Sisters

Able Sisters in Wild World Edit

Able Sisters is still the same as it was in the first Animal Crossing, but it now has new updates in Animal Crossing Wild World. You can now buy hats, headgear, glasses, and accessories. You can also use the designs you make to use as the flag design at your town Gate, paintings in your house, and even on the ground outside.

Able Sisters in City Folk Edit

When you make your designs in City Folk, and you're making a shirt, you can also design the back, left shoulder, and right shoulder. You can also use the designs you make as the design for your flag after you are finished remodeling your house completely.