Rover laughing


Game starter



Rover is a kind and helpful cat who will log you in the Animal Crossing game. You first meet him on the bus when he gives you a map of the town. He askes you question that will determine your appearence. For instance, if you are rude to him, you will have an angry look. If you are kind, you have a friendly smiling look. He also askes how much money you have. If you say you have a cute name, you are female, and a cool name will make you male. The first time you visit the city, he may be there asking you if you want to turn on wi-fi. This will not happen if you already turned it on with your phone. Rover also appears in the Gamecube version, as a cat who meets you on the train. He askes identical questions as he does in the other Animal Crossing games. You also meet him when on the train to another town, unless you are with Blanca. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Rover is in the Pigeons Roost talking about Blanca.