"Crazy" Redd
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Black Market Salesman



Redd (also known as Crazy Redd) is an untrustworthy fox who runs Crazy Redd's, an illicit furniture store in the Animal Crossing series, where he is known to sell counterfeit paintings and over-priced items. Certain items sold are considered "special" Redd items. These items also have an H.R.A. bonus. He considers Tom Nook as competition, referring to him as "that raccoon in an apron." His symbol, the leaf of the Ginkgo Tree, is Redd's way of copying Nook's more recognizable leaf symbol. The music playing in Redd's store was a Nook's Cranny's theme in opposite pitch (when there was a high note in Nook's Cranny, a low note would be in Redd's Tent, and vice versa). It also used the same instruments. Redd owns a small business that makes most of its profits by over-charging its customers. Unlike Tom Nook, Redd charges for admission into his shop and asks for invitations, and tends to pressure Players into buying his wares by concocting stories and lying about his products. Redd appears once a week on a specific day (changes per player) and sets his tent up outside the Town Hall. On the first week of his arrival, the Player will not know the password required to enter, and so will have to inquire villagers to know it. A random villager will have the password, not necessarily your best friend. After reciting the password correctly to Redd, the tent will open and allow the Player in. The Player will then be asked to pay him 3,000 Bells in order to use his store. If they do not agree to this, the Player will not be allowed to purchase anything, and will have to inquire with the villagers next week for another password. Once the Player becomes a member of his "family", Redd will send them a letter the day before he comes with a new password. Redd appears to be in cahoots with Lyle the Insurance Salesman - they work together to try and scam as much money out of Players as possible. After the Player speaks to Lyle about Redd, Redd somehow knows the day of the week on which he should come to the town, which matches with the day the Player selected when talking to Lyle.

In Animal Crossing City Folk, Redd's store is located in the city and to the left. The only way to gain entrance into the store is for another animal in town to invite you. Once you are a member, Red will give you one piece of paper to send to anyone in town for them to join Crazy Redd's family. You can send this to any of your other players too.