Insurance salesman / HRA Judge



In Animal Crossing: Wild World Lyle works as an insurance salesman. He appears every Saturday outside the player's house to take a survey. He will follow the player for a time if they do not talk to him immediately, a sign of his persistent nature.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk he works with the HRA and judges the rooms. He also judges registered friends rooms too.

Talking with Lyle in Wild World.Edit

Upon talking to him, he will ask a number of unanswerable questions, heckling the player into signing a health insurance policy. The only way to avoid this is either by declining to take the quiz or by not having sufficient funds (which will "bust his chops"), though it is thought to be possible to answer the questions and have sufficient funds without being forced to buy insurance. In order to do this the answers must be answered positively. By paying 6,000 Bells, the Player will receive 100 Bells every time they are injured - This includes: Tripping and falling or getting stung by bees. However players can only receive the 100 Bells bonus once per day. A further payment on the following Saturday will result in the player receiving compensation of 100 Bells if they buy a counterfeit painting, but only if the painting itself is presented to Lyle himself. Normal villagers sometimes warn of a health insurance scam operating in the area, which is a reference to Lyle and his scamming techniques. Some jock villagers also say the same thing - they talk about how this "guy" came and asked him if he wanted his muscles insured. They first said no, "Because whoever's heard of insuring your muscles" and then another villager telling him it was a scam. He is also believed to be working with Redd, scamming people out of money. In his questionnaire, Lyle asks for what day Redd should appear in the town, after which Redd will apear on that day, but dubiously denies any connection with him.

In City FolkEdit

You can meet him in the Happy Room Academy office in the city. He will ask you to join HRA. If you join then he will be happy. If not he will mumble about his old job (referencing Wild World).