Fortune Teller



Katrina's tent will appear randomly in front of Town Hall once a month. She can tell the player their fortune for 100 Bells. She can tell him/her about their love life and she can tell the player what will happen tomorrow. The player can also have their spirit cleansed for 10,000 Bells, which cleanes them of the misfortune of tripping over. She has the same roll in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as she did in Wild World, except if you buy 20 fortunes, she will open a shop up on Main Street.


In the GameCube Animal Crossing, Katrina may occasionally pitch a tent in a random acre of your town, and many villagers will talk about her. On New Years, Katrina will be found near the fountain where the player can get a fortune, which will predict their luck for the year.

Katrina's Fortune ShopEdit

In Animal Crossing:City Folk, Katrina will have a fortune shop in the city. You can have your fortunes read just as you did in previous games.

In New Leaf, Katrina will open her shop once you have bought 20 fortunes from her.