Lost cat



Katie and her mother Kaitlyn only appear randomly after you visit someone else's town or someone visits yours

Reunite them!Edit

Katie and Kaitlyn are two cats that are seperated. If you reunite them you either will get a picture of one of them or a special gift. Katie will follow you around until your friend opnes their gates and Katlyn sees her. You will recieve a present for finding Katie but your friend will not even though they helped find her.

World travelerEdit

In New Leaf, Katie appears all grown up and travelling the world. If you wifi with someone, there is a chance that she will show up in your town. She will wander around for a while before eventually leaving, but you can invite someone over and they can ask her to come to their town.

Special GiftsEdit

These are the gifts you get (in Wild World):

Apple TV

Lily-Pad Table

Lovely Phone

Music Box

Papa Bear

Portrait (just a picture Katie drew with her crayons)