Turnip Seller




Joan is a boar who shows up every Sunday between 6:00 am and noon. She sells white turnips and red turnip seeds. You can always buy white turnip seeds, but sometimes she may not carry red turnip seeds.

White Turnips vs. Red turnipsEdit

White turnips rot eventually, but there is one place you can put them where they will never rot. Just get some sort of table to put into your house, drop an object on your floor (fishing rod, net, paper, slingshot, etc.), and put the white turnips on the table. You can pick up the object that you dropped. Now your white turnips will not rot.

Red turnips are more expensive, costing 1,000 Bells for one pack, and you can only buy one pack each Sunday because Joan will only carry one pack. In order to ensure your red turnip seeds will grow, plant them in an area where there are no trees or flowers next to them. Red turnips are picky, and need to be watered every day, even if it rains. Once your red turnips have grown, you can sell them to Tom Nook. The bigger the turnip, the more it's worth.

White Turnips For ProfitEdit

Every Sunday, Joan offers a different price for white turnips. Sometimes the prices are low, sometimes high. Once you buy the turnips, write down how much you bought them for. The next day, go to Tom Nook and ask about turnip prices. He will say "I am currently buying turnips for XXX each.". If that is more than what you bought them for, then sell them. If you ask Tom Nook every day for the prices of the turnip and they are lower than what you bought them for, just keep waiting. Use the table trick to keep turnips fresh. Note that Tom Nook will tell you "I'm terribly sorry, but the stalk market is closed on Sundays..." if you ask him on Sundays.