Jack is a pumpkin headed animal that comes only on Halloween. He is in Animal Crossing City Folk and AC Gamecube. Jack will give you exclusive items if you find him. The only problem in finding him is that all your animal neighbors will be out and about, and they will be wearing the same pumpkin head as Jack. When you talk to one of your neighbors, they will require you to give them candy.

Items Jack GivesEdit

When you finally find Jack and give him a piece of candy, these are the items he might give you in return:

Spooky Wall

Spooky Floor

Spooky Bed

Spooky Dresser

Spooky Wardrobe

Spooky Sofa

Spooky Chair

Spooky Table

Spooky Vanity

Spooky Bookcase

Spooky Clock

Spooky Lamp


If you don't give Jack candy, this is what will happen"

First no candy trade- Pumpkin head

Second no candy trade- Moldy shirt

Third no candy shirt- Patched shirt

Fourth no candy trade- Jack in the box


  • Jack's name could be based of a toy, the jack in a box as some people find this scary.