Hobbies are what villagers like to do. They are mentioned in Gamecube but villagers use their hobbies in Wild World and City Folk.


Clothing collecting; Some villagers like collecting clothing. They ask the player to deliver clothing for them.

Gabi has a hobby of clothing collecting.

Furniture collecting; These villagers tend to ask you for furniture in a certain theme, such as regal furniture.

Bug Catching; These villagers love collecting bugs and tend to do good in bug-offs. Villagers who cannot do it ask you for certain types of bugs, or just a bug in general.

Digging; These villagers are often seen with a shovel. Villagers who are bad at it ask you for a certain fossil type.

Fishing; These villagers hold fishing rods and ask you for certain fish. In New Leaf, some villagers can be seen fishing in either the river or the ocean.

Gardening; These villagers hold watering cans (WW and City Folk) or ask you to plant flowers. (gamecube) In New Leaf, some villagers can be seen planting and watering flowers.

Eating; These villagers often talk about food.