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Gracie is a giraffe that comes to your town occasionally in Wild World, and owns the local clothing store in City Folk. She is supposedly the most fashionable (yet snooty) character.


In the Japanese version of Animal Crossing, Gracie is a male.

The Most FashionableEdit

Gracie is a giraffe who is the most fashionable character in all of Animal Crossing. In the Gamecube version, on random days she will appear in a random location and will tell you to wash her car (you just tap the A button over and over) and when you finish she will give you an outfit. In Wild World, Gracie will randomly appear in front of the Town Hall, as where many other special characters set up. Gracie will be standing in front of her car. Once you talk to her, she will ask if your here for your "fashionista badge". If you say yes, she will ask you some questions about your sense of style. After that, she will give you a certificate telling you how fashionable you are. Sometimes, you may get one of her designs in it. If you keep pestering Gracie, she will give you a full makeover, but you have to pay her. The more you pay, the better the chance of getting exclusive Gracie items.


In City Folk, Gracie owns her own shop in the city. In the store, there is furniture and clothing. The items change every season. At the end of the season, there is a 50% sale on everything, which is great considering the prices of the items. Sometimes, Gracie herself will be in the store and will do a fashion check-up on you. You must have everything matched, even your shoes which you can match by style from the shoe shiner guy Kicks.

In New LeafEdit

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Gracie will occasionally come to the town plaza to give villagers a fashion check. She will tell the player what she wants them to dress like, and if they follow her request she will give them a Gracie item. After three times of their approval of Gracie and they upgrade to T&T Emporium, Gracie will open a store on her own floor.