Franklin the Turkey is only on Animal Crossing City Folk, New Leaf, and the GameCube Animal Crossing.

Knife and ForkEdit

Franklin appears only during the Harvest Festival, which is on the last Thursday of November. The festival starts at 3:00pm. When you talk to Tortimer, he will give you a knife and fork. You could go and give them to your neighbor friends, or you could give them Franklin and get an item in return. Tortimer will keep giving you forks and knives even after he thinks all your neighbors have a set, commenting that his brain is as holey as a slice of swiss cheese.

Cooking With FranklinEdit

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Franklin will appear in the town plaza during the Harvest Festival and he will be cooking. He will ask you certain ingredients (fruit, fish, etc) that he needs for his dishes and your job is to fetch them for him. If you do, you will get a special item.


These are the items. you will get from Franklin for giving him the knife and fork or fetching his ingredients:

Harvest Wall

Harvest Rug

Harvest Lamp

Harvest Bed

Harvest Dresser

Harvest Bureau

Harvest Sofa

Harvest Chair

Harvest Table

Harvest Mirror

Harvest TV

Harvest Clock

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