Doctor Shrunk
Dr Shrunk


Travelling emotion phychiatrist, comedian



Doctor Shrunk gives your character emotions, which they can perform almost anytime (not while talking to somebody). To preform an emotion, open your pockets and go to the menu with a picture of a word bubble on it (the purple one). You can also just press SELECT whether your pockets are open or not. Dr. Shrunk will visit your town occasionally on a day from Monday through Friday between 6:00 AM and midnight. Talk to him, and he will teach you to display a random emotion. In his first visit, you can learn only shyness (the one where your cheeks glow), but from the second visit and forward you can choose one from four random emotions. Once you learn four emotions you cannot learn anymore, but you can always forget an emotion and learn a new one.

Dr. Shrunk in City FolkEdit

In City Folk, Dr. Shrunk is found at the theatre in the city. He plays shows, which cost 800 Bells per show. As with Wild World, you can still get emotions from him. Sometimes a different character named Frillard will preform instead of Dr. Shrunk. Frillard has special emotions you can learn also.

Dr. Shrunk in New LeafEdit

In New Leaf, Dr. Shrunk first appears when asking you to get signatures for a public works projects called Club LOL. Once you have gotten the signatures, the club will be built. This is the only public works project that does not require a certain amount of bells to be completed; it only requires you to get signatures. Doctor Shrunk will then perform shows there where he will teach you emotions just as he did in City Folk.