Faceless cat



Blanca is a cat in the Animal Crossing series. When meeting the player, she asks them to draw a face for her.


Blanca is a white cat with a blank face, hence the name 'Blanca'. She is very rare to find. There is no specific place that she'll be waiting at. When you talk to Blanca, she will accuse you of laughing at her face. You have the option to draw her a new face. After creating her face, you will get to name it. Blanca will then thank you, and continue to walk on. You can change her face as many times as you like in the time she is there.

Stranger on the trainEdit

Blanca is also in Animal Crossing GameCube. She appears on the train when going to another town, she then yells at you for laughing at her face. Then you tell her she does not have one, and she will ask you to draw one. She will visit a town once and then you must find her on the train and draw a new face.

The PranksterEdit

On April Fools in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Blanca appears. You must talk to her in the town plaza to begin the festivities. She travels to every house in the town, and dresses up like the villagers. Both the villager and Blanca will tell you information about themself such as their birthday, talent, or family and based on your knowledge of them you must guess who is real and who is fake. If you guess right, the villager gives you their picture. If you guess wrong, the villager becomes sad. If you guess every villager right, Blanca mails you her picture.

After visiting every house, Blanca walks around town and comments about how you did.