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What is Animal Crossing?

You are a cute little character whose appearance is based on your personality (you answer questions at the start). You have a town, which you can name yourself. You have to work for store clerk Tom Nook at his shop, Nook's cranny. You have to do a series of tasks for him like planting trees outside his store, delivering items, writing letters and a few other thing. Activities in town include buying and selling items, fishing, and several others, especially becoming friends with the animals. The game occurs in real time, with the real calendar, and time
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progresses even when the game is turned off. you start out as a human in a town with no money, but you might be able to gain some by shaking trees or selling clothes and accessories to the Able Sisters. You mortgage a small house from the local shopkeeper, the raccoon, Nook. It's a good idea to pay off your loan, because then you can then upgrade to a bigger house. Most players will want a bigger house, because decorating your house in your way, with furniture and other items, is one of the main features of this game. You can collect fruit, fish, insects, paintings, fossils, furniture, and other items. There are over 550 different pieces of furniture in this game! Once you have some furniture, taking it to your house is easy; the furniture becomes a leaf that fits in your pocket. You can also customize yourself by buying clothes or drawing your own patterns.
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Outside your house, you can befriend the animal neighbors. Those animals are much more interactive in this game than they were in the GameCube game. Imagine overhearing two animals talking to each other, or inviting an animal to your house; both are possible in this game! The animals can still ask you to do errands for them, but there is no longer an explicit menu item to request them, and they no longer require you to find a missing item from a long chain of animals.

You can customize your town by planting trees and growing flowers. At the museum, you can donate certain items to the collections. At the tailor's, you can buy clothes or draw your own patterns. This way, you can customize your town.

And if animals are not enough, you can invite up to four human friends to your town using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection or DS to DS. Show them how you like to chill in your pad!

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