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The Animal Crossing Series is a fun-filled life simulation game. A player moves to a town to live however they want. But with one downside, they have a loan to pay off! A kind man, Tom Nook helps them with their loan. You work for him at Nook's cranny. You deliver objects to villagers. Nook also buys items you sell. Like fossils, fish, and clothes! You also buy outfits at The Able Sisters, so you can change your clothes. You can also plant trees and flowers. This lets you customize your town!

Animal ForestEdit

Animal Forest is on N64. It's a bit more basic and simple than Animal Crossing.

To learn more about Animal Forest, click here: Animal Forest.

Animal Forest +Edit

Animal Forest + is Animal Crossing in Japanese.

To read more, click here: Animal Forest +.

Animal CrossingEdit

Animal Crossing is Animal Forest and Animal Forest + mixed together in English, first game released in USA.

To learn more about Animal Crossing, click here: Animal Crossing.

Animal Forest e+Edit

Animal Forest e+ is a more advanced version of Animal Forest +. It is like Animal Crossing: Wild World for the GameCube

Link: Animal Forest e+

Animal Crossing: Wild WorldEdit

Animal Crossing: Wild World is the first worldwide AC game. It is on the Nintendo DS and made in 2005.

To learn more about Wild World, click here: Animal Crossing: Wild World.

The Animal Crossing MovieEdit

A movie for Animal Crossing: Wild World

Link: Animal Crossing: The Movie

Animal Crossing: City FolkEdit

Animal Crossing:City Folk is another worldwide AC game on Nintendo Wii.

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Animal Crossing: New LeafEdit

New Leaf is the newest AC game, made for the 3DS.

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